Sunday, May 17, 2009

Give me Chocolate, or give me Death!

Listen...I'm serious about chocolate, but it's not always the best thing for a girl who's watching her figure. Then I found a way to enjoy some of the best chocolate I've ever had, and at the same time, help save endangered species! Wow! Is this a dream? Nope.
Endangered Species Chocolate is ABSOLUTELY AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS chocolate. My favorite, and what I would recommend to others, is "The Leopard and the Jaguar" Extreme Dark Chocolate with 88% cocoa content. This is not for the faint of heart or casual chocolate lover. This bar is to chocolate like a double-shot of Segafredo Zanetti Extra-Strong Espresso is to coffee.
The bar is divided into 15 bite sized squares. I usually eat one little square of this chocolate to curb a craving, and am satisfied! Now for the numbers: One serving size (according to the package) is half of a bar, which would equal seven and a half little squares. In this half a bar are only 8 net carbs. That number by itself is great...and when you just nibble on a square here and there, the numbers are fantastic. The reason the carb/sugar content is so low is because the actual cocoa content is so high.
Another perk is that the company making this chocolate promises 100% ethical trading, ensuring cocoa farmers humane working conditions and a fair price for their cocoa. Plus 10% of the net profits from each bar is donated to help support endangered species, habitat and humanity.
A 3 ounce bar cost about $3, and is well worth it. They are even carrying them in the more modern Food Lions, in the gourmet/organic food section.
Now, I do have to say that some people, whom I will refer to as "chocolate wimps" cannot handle the 88% bar. For them, I recommend the 72% cocoa bar, the Chimpanzee bar. Just remember that the lower the cocoa content, the higher the sugar/carb content.
One last thing, I recently tried the Dark Chocolate with Deep Forest Mint and it was TO DIE FOR, too!
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